Revolve Shortcuts

Revolve Shortcuts

When dealing with revolves, who’s position continuously counts up as you pass through ‘0’, you may find that you end up dealing with very high position values over the course of a show file. When using the Preset to Run cue feature, you may find that you are physically rotating the revolve more than 1 revolution which may need feel logical.

In order to assist with this, there is a feature that can be used to very accurately sum or subtract whole revolutions from the current position of the revolve, in order to reduce the number of revolutions you need to move when presetting to a specific point in the show. The goal is to physically rotate the revolve the shortest travel possible in order to position it where you want it in order to run the desired cue. Using the below method maintains positional accuracy as the maths to add or subtract position is performed at the rack level.

This feature is only available when the the axis block is not ‘minified’.
System Setup

To display the set position shortcut:

Expand the ‘Conf’ section of the Revolve A axis block, right click on the Position text box (right click on desk pad is press once and then press and hold a bit longer). This will make a popup appear.

Here you can click +360 and -360 to revolve revolutions form your current position. You will see an indication above these buttons as to what the position will be (if you were to proceed and press Enter).

When you are happy with the position you are going to set, press Enter and then Enter again to confirm.

You will set the position of the axis as desired.

An example sequence of events for resetting could be as follows:

Step 1: Run Preset to run cue:

  • Locate the cue you want to preset for in cue list.
  • Right click on the cue and click Preset to run cue
  • The Preset to Run Cue option
    The Preset to Run Cue option
  • The “Preset to Run Cue” menu will open, showing the current position of an axis and where it should be in order to be preset.
  • Preset to run cue menu
    Preset to run cue menu

The list will display any axis which is currently not in the correct position ready to run the cue you selected.

Remember the Target Position that the Preset to Run Cue function is suggesting you need to reset the revolve to.

Tap Exit and no not plot anything at this stage.

Step 2: Open the Set Position Shortcut

Right click the “Set Position” text box in the “Conf” section


Tap the +360 or -360 buttons in order to + or - whole revolutions from the revolve’s position. The indicated target position is displayed above the buttons.

Once the target position is near the position you wanted to reset to in step 1 above, tap Set Position.


You will be prompted to confirm you want to set position. Tap Yes.


The position of the revolve will now show as the same “degrees around a circle”, however it will be plus or minus a number of whole revolutions.

Step 3: Proceed and plot the axis using the “Preset to run cue” function.

  • Re-locate the cue you want to preset for in cue list.
  • Right click on the cue and click “Preset to run cue”
  • Tap the Plot button next to that axis to create a move.
  • Tap + Plot to create the cue.
  • On a desk with multiple playbacks, you will be asked which playback you want the moves to be plotted on: Tap the desired playback.
An automatically generated reset cue in the cue list
An automatically generated reset cue in the cue list

Step 4: To run the automatically created preset cue:

  • The new cue should be automatically loaded. If you have cleared or need to re-select it, tap or click on the automatically generated preset cue in the cue list.
  • To indicate that a cue has been loaded, it will show in the cue list with a green border.

The moves created in the cue use the default speed and accel/decel values for that axis. You may need to edit the cues and even adjust playback assignments if required.

Remember, it is down to the user to judge the suitability of the automatically generated moves and edit them appropriately, if required, to ensure that the moves are safe to run.