Preset to Run a Cue

Preset to Run a Cue

It is important to understand that the moves in a cue will behave differently depending on the axis start position.

That means that it’s always important to know that axes are in the correct place – they are preset — ready to run a move. Motion has a function which can help you Preset to Run a cue.

This function automatically generates a cue at the end of the cue list which you can use to move axes into their preset position for a given cue.

Motion generates moves without any consideration of their current position or other axes. It is down to the operator to ensure that the moves generated are appropriate and the order in which is it safe to run those moves.

To create a Preset cue:

  • Locate the cue you want to preset for in cue list.
  • Right click on the cue and click “Preset to run cue”
  • The Preset to Run Cue option
    The Preset to Run Cue option
  • The “Preset to Run Cue” menu will open, showing the current position of an axis and where it should be in order to be preset.
  • Preset to run cue menu
    Preset to run cue menu

The list will display any axis which is currently not in the correct position ready to run the cue you selected.

You can see the Axis Name and Number, the axis’s current position, the last cue that contained a move for this axis and that last known position.

To plot a move for an axis that is out of position:

  • Tap the Plot button next to that axis to create a move.
  • Tap the Plot button next to any other axes you want to add to the cue.
  • Tap + Plot to create the cue.
  • On a desk with multiple playbacks, you will be asked which playback you want the moves to be plotted on: Tap the desired playback.

The automatically generated cue is based on the lowest axis number included. So if Axis 1 is included in the automatically generated cue the generated cue number will be 9001.

An automatically generated reset cue in the cue list
An automatically generated reset cue in the cue list
The offset for the generated cues, by default, is 9000. This can be configured in “Settings”.

To run the automatically created preset cue:

  • Tap or click on the automatically generated preset cue in the cue list.
  • To indicate that a cue has been loaded, it will show in the cue list with a green border.

The moves created in the cue use the default speed and accel/decel values for that axis. You may need to edit the cues and even adjust playback assignments if required.

  • If required, edit the cue as normal.
  • Tap Update to save your changes before running the cue.
Remember, it is down to the user to judge the suitability of the automatically generated moves and edit them appropriately, if required, to ensure that the moves are safe to run.