This manual contains everything you will need to know in order to safely program and operate an Absolute Motion Control system using our ‘Motion’ software.

Motion runs on all Absolute Motion Control’s desks, like the Desk[Pad], Desk[One], Desk[Three] and Desk[Five]. It also runs on standard laptops and computers, which enables it to be used for backup purposes.

The software is “responsive”, which means it will adapt to the size and number of screens you have available. Because of this, the layout and position of elements on the screen may differ slightly from this manual to your application. However, the methods of programming and control are the same. Any situations where the type of desk used will affect the software will be noted in this manual.

This manual will teach you the various ways in which the software can be used to create, store and run moves. It will also give some tips and advice on how to operate and communicate with you colleagues in a clear and safe way.

Using automation systems and software always needs to be done with care. Serious injury can occur when automated machinery is mis-used. Please read this manual and understand it’s contents before using this software to control automated machinery.


Motion was built from the ground up by a team of ex-operators who know exactly what is required when using automation software in a real-world environment.

Motion aims to be intuitive, easy to use and simple to understand so that no matter what your level of experience, you can create dynamic and impressive scene changes.

With years of hands on experience from multiple automation systems, we have gathered what we believe are the fundamentals in basic operation and applied them to a re-configurable front-end that will be familiar from production to production, but also is extensible and able to adapt for each show’s individual needs.


The needs of the automation operator are continually changing and evolve over time, so we always welcome feedback.

If there is something you think could be a little bit easier or a must-have feature you think should be added, we want to hear from you!