Safety Precautions

Safety Precautions

Read these precautions before use.
  • This manual relates to the Motion software only. Read and understand the complete machine operating procedures for the safe use of any connected equipment.
  • We have checked that the contents of this document correspond to the product described.
  • There may be discrepancies, nevertheless, no guarantee can be given that they are completely identical to the product.
If there is something that is unclear or you do not fully understand in this manual, stop and contact Absolute Motion Control before continuing.
  • The information contained in this document is reviewed regularly and any necessary changes will be included in the next edition.
  • This information in this manual is not exhaustive and there may be some features that are not fully documented in it.
  • Attempting to use any features not documented in this manual is strictly prohibited, unless additional training has been given by Absolute Motion Control.
  • Motion is proprietary software written by Absolute Motion Control. It is distributed solely by Absolute Motion Control and licensed as part of a wider control system hire or sale package. It is not to be distributed, installed or transferred to any other devices other than those licensed by Absolute Motion Control.
  • The intended use the Motion software is to serve solely as a user interface to an Absolute Motion Control supplied control system. It is not to be used with third party equipment or any equipment not supplied by Absolute Motion Control.
  • Thoroughly read through and understand this manual and any other relevant manuals before you install, operate or program using this product.
  • Follow all precautions for personal safety.
  • Store this manual is a safe place so that it can be taken out and read whenever necessary.
  • You should always ensure that this manual is available to and read by the end user.
  • Defects must be reported to Absolute Motion Control. No modifications to the software are permitted without prior written approval from Absolute Motion Control.
  • Please use the software safely and carefully.


CAUTION - Indicates that incorrect handling may cause hazardous conditions that could result in medium or slight personal injury or physical damage.
WARNING - Indicates that incorrect handling may cause hazardous conditions that could result in severe injury or death.
  • Procedures indicated by caution may also lead to serious consequences, including severe injury or death, depending on the application and circumstances in which the equipment is being used.

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