Diagnosing Errors

Diagnosing Errors

As well as the error or warning code that is shown as an Axis Status, there is more information that is reported back for an error that you can access. This can help to diagnose the issue in more detail.

To access this additional error information:

  • Locate the Axis Block for the affected axis.
  • Expand the Conf section of the Axis Block.

Actual Error

This number is related to the Motion Controller on the PLC. It provides an error code that can be cross referenced against a published list of NC (Numerical Control) errors:


Drive Diag (Drive Diagnostic Message)

This is a status message from the drive. It will only provide information that the drive is aware of, so this can vary on production to production depending on how the drive is utilised. For an exhaustive list of possible diagnostic messages, please see:


During normal operation, whilst the axis is not moving, this should read:

"Axis state machine: Control and power section ready"

During motion, this will change to:

"Axis state machine: Axis in operation"


An example of an abnormal error is:

"Distributed clocks: Process data sync"