Speed Override

Your desk may have a speed override control in the form of a joystick or push buttons.

The speed override control may affect all axes or it may only affect the axes on a single playback.

It is important that you check the user manual for your control desk and understand the operation of the speed override control for your particular desk

What is Speed Override?

The Speed Override function allows users to reduce the pre-programmed speed by a percentage.

For example, a move programmed a speed of 100mm/s with the speed override set at 50% will cause that move to run at 50mm/s.

Depending on your desk, it might retain the speed override value between cues. To run moves at their pre-programmed speed, make sure that the Speed Override is set to 100%.

Using Speed Override

On a system with a joystick:

  • Pull the joystick towards you.
  • You will see the speed override value displayed on the Axis Control for the relevant axes.
  • Releasing the joystick will return it to the centre position and the speed override value will return to 100% (i.e. not overridden)

On a system with push buttons:

  • Press the [SPEED OVERRIDE -] button.
  • The speed override will reduce the speed by a preset percentage. Pressing the button again will reduce it again by the same amount.
  • Press the [SPEED OVERRIDE +] button to increase the speed by a preset percentage, back to 100% (i.e. not overridden)
  • The speed override value will persist and affect all future moves until until it is reset back to 100%.

On a system with speed shortcuts:

As well as using [SPEED OVERRIDE +] and [SPEED OVERRIDE -] to adjust the speed override percentage. Some systems also have speed shortcuts to jump to a preset percentage.

Pressing a speed shortcut button, e.g.[100%] / [0%] will set the speed override value to the percentage indicated.

Adjusting the speed override while running cues may have an effect on how the cues run. With the speed slowed down, the speed/time relationship between axes is now broken, so cues with delays may not behave as expected. Make sure you understand the effect that the speed override will have on your moves before running them.