We recommend that OSC is configured to transmit over a dedicated network interface.

OSC is broadcast from the local adapter IP which needs to be set in Motion Settings to match the local adapter IP, and the associated broadcast address. For example, if the local adapter IP address is with subnet mask, then the broadcast address should be

The transmission port is configurable, but the default is 8000.



  • Currently Loaded Cue
  • /AbsoluteMotionControl/Motion/Cue {1: CUE NUMBER} {2: CUE NAME}
  • Start Button
  • /AbsoluteMotionControl/Motion/Controls/Playback/{PLAYBACK NUMBER}/Start {1: TRUE/FALSE}
  • Stop Button
  • /AbsoluteMotionControl/Motion/Controls/Playback/{PLAYBACK NUMBER}/Stop {1: TRUE/FALSE}
  • Previous Cue Button
  • /AbsoluteMotionControl/Motion/Controls/Prev {1: TRUE/FALSE}
  • Next Cue Button
  • /AbsoluteMotionControl/Motion/Controls/Next {1: TRUE/FALSE}